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無観客によるインスタライブ展示 各曜日11:00,13:00,15:00,17:00


11日、12日のそれぞれ、11:00、13:00、15:00、17:00の計4回、皆さまに代わりrofmia店主が @rofmia_official のアカウントでのインスタライブで展示の様子をご案内します。



展示に合わせ、瀧川かずみ×rofmiaのコラボレーション作品の販売も行います。Funagata BagをDCFに置き換えました。素材の質感は似ていますが、高い防水性と携帯性、超軽量と新たな機能を追加しました。完全受注生産で、お渡しは4/末を予定しています。




Kazumi Takigawa Exhibition

2020/4/11 (Sat) .12 (Sun)

Insta live distribution each day 11: 00,13: 00,15: 00,17: 00


rofmia will hold the Kazumi Takigawa exhibition with no audience.


On 11th and 12th, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 4 times in total, rofmia shop owner will guide you through the installation on @rofmia_official account.


Kazumi will also participate in the live at some time on each day of the week, and we will have time to talk about the work.


The works can be purchased from the online shop page on the rofmia website from 19:00 on Friday, 10th. (Not available overseas)


Along with the exhibition, we will also sell collaborative works of Kazumi Takigawa x rofmia. Funagata Bag has been replaced with DCF. Although the texture of the material is similar, it has high waterproofness and portability, super light weight . It is completely made-to-order and the delivery is scheduled for 4 / end.


In such a situation these days, I think that there is a big question about how to handle and deliver things. I don't know what kind of effect this kind of online exhibition with the audience would have. I hope that it includes various possibilities for the future.


.rofmia will hold the Kazumi Takigawa exhibition with no audience.


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